Why subscribe?

I will give the 500th person to subscribe to this page one (1) free malt at the Scotiabank Saddledome. The malt can be any flavour, your choice—I recommend the swirl but hey, go nuts—but I only have the budget to do a small (or “regular”? I do not remember the ice cream size conventions at the ‘Dome, it’s been too long).

Subscribe today and you could have a chance to become that lucky winner. For all you know, 499 people have already subscribed and you only have five minutes to click that button before some other person does and, in the process, snatches up that offer of creamy chilled calorific carnage. Mmmmm.

Also, there’s some Stockton Heat stuff around here, if that interests you. Maybe if we ever come close to 1,000 subscribers, I’ll hide some ciphers in a game recap and whoever cracks them gets a free Pocket Dawg or something. Really, subscribing is probably worth it for the food benefits alone. That said, it’s probably audacious for me to be throwing around the idea of hundreds of subscribers when I’m currently writing this at 5:00 AM with nary a single reader… yet.